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Longstanding UChicago Tradition Datamatch Returns for Its Second Year

“Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch!” 

That’s right, folks, it’s that time again: your favorite event of Winter Quarter, nay, the year, is back! Datamatch, the most effective matchmaking experiment since Bachelor in Paradise, has returned—this time with more insightful questions, and what the press is calling “an insurmountable amount of hype.” For over a year, we have worked tirelessly to present this 25 question quiz designed to help you to find your soulmate or BFF. 

The history of Datamatch at the University of Chicago is a long and noble one, going all the way back to February 2019. Harvard called, and we answered. They offered us thirty bucks to write and administer a romance-provoking quiz for UChicago students; we politely declined. Then they raised that offer to thirty five, and the rest is history. 

This year’s iteration of Datamatch promises to be the best one yet, and with 33% percent student body participation last year, things have nowhere to go but up! The questions are witty, revealing, and guaranteed to distract you from your boring p-set. It’s sooooo easy: on Friday, February 7th, go to and make an account with your uchicago email; simply answer the questions, and you’re done! Then on February 14th you will be matched with either your algorithmically approved soulmate or your algorithmically approved best friend. We promise that in either case you’ll find someone prettier than you to talk to, and isn’t that kinda the dream? 

Good luck, and happy matching!

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