About Us

Goddess, sing the hilarity of The University of Chicago’s longest-lived satirical newspaper, The Chicago Shady Dealer, sharp, witty, foul-mouthed, that gave the students countless chuckles, hurling down to the House of Laughs so many studious souls, great scholars’ souls, but made their bodies quake with chortles—

Ah, fuck it. Welcome to the The Dealer’s website.

If the Muse on high comes to you with a sweet idea, or if you just want to be a part of a prestigious, highly credible publication, then get involved:

  • Feel free to attend our open meetings, 7 p.m. every Sunday in Harper Memorial 145! Everyone and anyone is welcome, although our bouncer will be checking IDs.
  • Join The Dealer’s listhost.
  • Email [email protected] with your ideas and articles!

We accept submissions from undergrads, grad students, faculty, alumni, administrators, staff and members of the community. If you are or were affiliated with the University in any way, then this is your forum.

Editors in Chief

Kelly Lo

R.E Stern

Managing Editor

Kate Kaplin

Deputy Managing Editor

Andre Dang

Layout Editor

Abby Beckler

Copy Editors

Jacob Halabe

Maisie Thompson

Merrin Seegers

Photo Editor

Emilio Rosas Linhard