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Where Does One Go for a Good Time Wednesday Evening?

UChicago has made great steps toward shedding its “where fun goes to die” reputation. So why is it that I still can’t find anything exciting to do on Wednesday nights?

I know what you’re thinking: “plenty of fun happens, especially on Wednesday nights. If you can’t find something, it’s probably because you have no social life.” If that is the case, reader, then I regret to inform you that I do indeed have a friend. Her name is Jessica, and she’s my RA. Shame on you for asking.

The problem is that on Wednesday nights, Jessica and my other acquaintances seem to disappear. Nobody is left on campus to study with me, or just to hang out. The house lounge turns into even more of a ghost town than it already was.

This would be understandable if it were a Friday night or something, when everyone’s out partying, but a Wednesday? Who has time for a party on Wednesday night? I know I certainly don’t. I’m usually too busy triple-checking my solutions to my math p-set and editing drafts of my Secrets posts about Andrew Yang.

Is everyone in the same RSO? Does Model UN meet on Wednesdays or something? If so, how many people could possibly be in Model UN? Are there secret study groups in the Reg nobody has told me about? Seriously, where do I have to go to have a good time Wednesday night?

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