Chicago Shady Dealer

Leopold & Loeb’s Top Ten Make Out Spots on Campus — And One Extra That May Surprise You!

In no particular order:
  1. Under the Walt Whitman head in Harper Memorial Library
  2. In the secret bathroom (marked as fire escape) in Harper next to the CPO
  3. Behind the Lamassu at the OI
  4. In an IHouse music room
  5. In the bathroom [crime scene] of the Divinity School where the Romanian political assassination happened
  6. In the Henry Moore statue dedicated to radiation next to Max P
  7. In the middle of Mansueto library (only when it’s made to look like the Erudite HQ)
  8. In a North elevator that’s missing its buttons
  9. The observatory on the top of Ryerson (red light room)
  10. The Book Stacks Elevator (right before you go find ancient texts about the Gilded Age)
  11. In the Lab School basement (where Aidan Gallagher keeps his clones)