Steps to Submitting an Article to the Chicago Shady Dealer:

Step 1: Have an idea.

Step 2: Put that idea into words, give it a catchy headline.

Step 3: Fill out the neat form at the bottom of the page! Or, if you’re a luddite: Email us [email protected] with your submission in the body of the email and attached as a document. If you want to be polite, our names are Deb and Diego.

More Tips:

Attend a pitch/writing meeting in Harper Memorial 145 at 7pm on Sundays. It’s the best way to meet other Dealer writers, to commune with the comedic muses, and to get to know what we like to publish.

In Spring Quarter 2020 our e-print submission deadlines are:

  1. Friday of second week (April 17th)
  2. Friday of fifth week (May 8th)
  3. Friday of eighth week (May 29th)

We only publish in print three times a quarter, but we publish online perpetually. If you have a brilliant idea relating to the latest news cycle, write it up ASAP and send it in! If you want your hot take on Valentine’s Day to make it to print, it’s best to send it in a month or so in advance so it has time to make it through our print publishing process.

Ask your friends, family, other writers etc. to read your content! Trust others. Don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t laugh, listen to their feedback and try again on someone else! Comedy is collaborative and subjective. You’ll only get better through practice!

The best way to learn how to write good is to read other satire. Some of our favorite satire websites (other than ours which is the best) are The Onion, Reductress, Hard Times, and McSweeney’s.

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