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Point/Counterpoint: 11 Things UChicago Students Think They’re Doing Right Now versus 11 Things UChicago Students Are Actually Doing Right Now

  1. Point:  Solving the mystery of what happened to the missing sock in the laundry 
  2. Counterpoint: Watching Sherlock for the 4thtime


  1. Point: Supporting local businesses and restaurants 
  2. Counterpoint: Being too lazy to cook for myself


  1. Point: Practicing social distancing 
  2. Counterpoint: It’s raining outside and too gross)


  1. Point: Reading a book 
  2. Counterpoint: Reading the subtitles of the news)


  1. Point: Texting friends to keep in touch 
  2. Counterpoint: Easier than actually talking to people


  1. Point: Wearing gloves to stop the spread of Covid-19 
  2. Counterpoint: It’s still somehow cold in April, and did I mention that it’s raining? 


  1. Point:  Calling it Covid-19 to sound fancy and thinking that it actually means something creative 
  2. Counterpoint: Thinking Covid-19 stands for Coronavirus disease 2019 


  1. Point:  Enjoying family time 
  2. Counterpoint: Reconsidering my plan to live with my parents after college to avoid rent


  1. Point: Quarantining my sister because she has Covid-19
  2. Counterpoint: Quarantining my sister because she’s a pain in my butt


  1. Point: Being sad that I can’t go outside and enjoy Spring break 
  2. Counterpoint: Realizing that this is what I do on Spring Break anyway)


  1. Point: Submitting to the Shady Dealer 
  2. Counterpoint: Being completely bored out of my mind I literally can’t find something to watch 
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