7 Things to Post on Your Insta Story to Let Your High School Friends Know You Go to Alcohol Parties Now

1- A red solo cup

It doesn’t have to have alcohol in it, it’s more about the idea that you drink from red solo cups. Just like the movies, baby!


2- Your friends from college: 

Keep repeating to yourself: you have friends at college. You have friends at college. You have friends at college. And if you spent all of O-Week sobbing in your dorm room, don’t worry, just Google “smiling happy teens” and post the first image that comes up. Pro tip: remove the Getty Images watermark for added realism.


3- You on the floor of a gender neutral bathroom, looking crunk as fuckkkkkkkkkk

Make sure you look properly disheveled; the more unflattering, the more realistic.


4- Drinking a single White Claw in the house lounge with the caption “menace hours”

This isn’t like high school menace hours; this is menace hours with White Claw Hard Seltzer Surge: Natural Lime, the menace hours drink for adults who people like and invite to parties.


5- A screenshot of a tweet that says “When you’re faded at the function and that one song comes on”

That way people will know that you were, at one point, faded at the function. 


6- The Bean 

Nothing says partying like the famous Chicago landmark “The Bean.” Bonus points if the picture includes a blurry reflection taken from the back camera of your IPhone 10..


7- The selfie you took inside a free Lyft on the way to Sig Chi

You’ve never looked more gorgeous, and never smelt more like Pink Whitney. 

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