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I Broke My Pencil and Now I’m Sad I Can’t Fix It.

That’s the title

I am ashamed to declare

I broke my pencil


Yesterday crying

Trying, vainly to write words

For some dumb SOSC class


Where the professor 

Is an asshole, who hates me

Won’t shut the fuck up


I wouldn’t doubt it

If he talked at his deathbed

Boring all there


So much so they died

A tragedy, maybe so

But my pencil died


Which is so much worse

He was my heart, my center,

My soul and my life


Now I’m very, dead

Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead,

fully dead inside


The lead, my sweet black

Charcoal, goddess of the night

I’ll never forget


All those nights alone

Just you, me, lit by the screen

Of my computer


Good night my sweet prince

Tis’ a shame I have no glue

Or I would fix you.

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