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Mad-Libs: Write a Thinker Article!

While free speech is the foundation of this  and this very nation, they seem intent on silencing my views on . The mob wants us to think that they are tolerant and  to conservative free speech champions, but we can see their hypocrisy when it comes to the issue of the first amendment. Cancel culture has come for  and  alike but, in 2021, it has grown far worse than it’s ever been. On campus, I was “cancelled” by my so-called “tolerant” peers for  a(n)  at Cathey Dining Commons. Under the Reagan administration, such a display would have been welcomed, if not revered. This behavior is reminiscent of Biden’s stance on , and it points to the broader persecution of . Why can’t  without being called a bigot? Why must  be so politicized? In that case, maybe the true bigot is , for bringing politics into the matter in the first place.

Those who cannot see outside the parochial leftist bubble will surely if they do not change their ways. As the  of free speech, you must defend everyone’s rights to free speech and to in public spheres.

Drew Landrowski

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Director of Special Projects, 2019-20