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5 Cats Who Definitely Voted for Donald Trump

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Snuffles has been a part of the Young Republicans ever since she could drink milk out of a dish. She thinks that the free cat movement by those liberal snowflakes is an abomination and going to destroy her way of life. After all, she doesn’t want to give up her privileges of shelter and highly processed cat food for something as lousy as freedom. Still a kitten, snuffles feels that even though she understands the plight of darker colored cats due to her minority status as a redhead. Even though some might say that  her views have been largely shaped by her parents, she holds that those views, especially those about the taxes, are still her own made from her own extensive 18 years of life experience. Aside from the obvious Republican reasons, Snuffles voted for Trump because of the economy and her pro-neutering stance. After all, only certain cats should be able to have kittens otherwise there would be an epidemic of stray, dirty, no-good-for-society cats all over the place.

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Maxy used to be a Democrat before good-for-nothing Obama destroyed the economy, and his diet changed from fancy feast to generic. Now, there is no way in hell Maxy would have ever voted for a democrat again let alone Sleepy Joe. That’s it. Republican until the day he dies, Maxy will kill anyone before they take away his guns or remove his fangs. 

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Rainbow is your classic intellectual, moderate Republican. Lover of Reagan and Bush (the first edition over the second). He has voted Republican in every election since he could vote. Therefore, there was no way in hell that he would vote for a Democrat. Sure, he supported John Kaisic in 2016 and eventually wrote in former presidential candidate Mitt Romney instead, but, this year, he saw the importance of his vote, and just had to make sure that there was a Republican in the highest office in the land. He classifies himself as socially liberal and fiscally conservative; however, he believes that the economy is more important than any social issues that may arise. As a result, he proudly voted for Trump in this election.

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Margo here would be classified as a shy Trump voter, but all that really happened was that, on election day, R looked more like a ball of yarn than D on the ticket. Additionally, she really liked Trump’s hairstyle. She found it “fun”, and that was enough for Trump to win her vote.

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Lilac here believes that the Republican party has his best interest at heart. Despite being raised in the countryside, Lilac doesn’t think that Climate Change is man made. After all, the Earth was here long before humans were here, and the climate has always been changing. Sleepy Joe with his dumb Green New Deal will destroy her neighborhood and those new 70º winter days which allow Lilac to frolic in the weeds and bushes.

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