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House Misses Apple Season, Forced to Go Rutabaga Picking

BOYER HOUSE – This weekend, students from Boyer House enjoyed their annual house Rutabaga gathering trip. Students went to Smith Farm to help with the annual Rutabaga harvest, a yearly celebratory event that brings out all the tractors. Students were delighted to ruin their Canada Goose jackets by digging around in the mud for the elusive roots, which they then handed to the Smiths to be packaged and sold in the greater Eau Claire Wisconsin area. The Resident Assistant gave extra fruit snacks as a winner to the most prolific harvester, who managed to collect 105 rutabagas over the course of their four hour visit. 


As the RA Bob McSchmob explained in his introductory email, this is “the Disneyland of Rutabaga picking in Wisconsin! We’ve got Alta-Sweet, Improved Long Island, and even some Granny Jones Rutabagas! Even though we missed apple season and probably couldn’t afford that kind of trip anyway, you can still enjoy Rutabaga donuts and Rutabaga Spice Lattes (only $8!). There’s also a two-foot tall corn maze and plenty of autumnal activities! We’re hoping that the farm can even provide a tub for you to go rutabaga bobbing in. While Smith Family Farms has never actually hosted a school trip before, we’re very optimistic about this trip! Boyer forever!”

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