Campus Life

University Introduces Mandatory ‘Cool’ Nicknames for Places on Campus

Have you ever considered how much time you waste each day pronouncing the full names of buildings on campus? By our calculations, the average UChicago student wastes three hours every day speaking out the names of various campus buildings in monotonous compliance. In order to help you regain this time and show off your knowledge of campus, the University has compiled a list of useful abbreviations to drop in conversation.


  1. Midway Plaisance (The ‘Sance)
  2. The Renaissance Society (The ‘Ssance)
  3. Woodlawn Tap (Woodlawn)
  4. Woodlawn Residential Commons (Jimmy’s)
  5. Christian Fellowship (satan worshippers)
  6. Crerar Library (CRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)
  7. Dean John W Boyer (babygirl) (love of my life) (my father) (my mom’s lover)
  8. Doc Films (Doctor John Films, Phd.)
  9. The Fishbowl (the portion of Arley D Cathey Dining Commons enclosed on three of its four sides by a see-through glass wall except for, of course, the side facing the remainder of the dining hall)
  10. Campus North Residential Commons (Marriott in Purgatory)