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Midwave Radio Devastated at a Somehow Negative Listener Count

Members of Midwave Radio, UChicago’s foremost online radio broadcast club, were shocked this week when their analytics reported a seemingly impossible fact. According to Midwave’s online listener count, less than 4 people were listening to the programming.

“It doesn’t make any sense at all,” said Midwave station director Katherine Perth, “There’s no glitch in our analytics software. Somehow, in real life, the opposite of 4 people are listening to our shows.”

Speculation abounds as to what Midwave’s negative listener count could mean. Some have theorized that certain programs cause listeners to permanently lose their hearing, leading to a negative listener count. Others have argued that the force of the college radio station’s concentrated indie narcissism was great enough to rip a hole in the fabric of reality.

“I thought maybe no one was listening to my show, but it now seems like a bunch of people are actively not listening to it as well, ” said Midwave radio host, Josh Blackburn. Blackburn currently hosts the Midwave interview show Are You My Mother?, in each episode of which he calls his girlfriend and demands to know why she doesn’t love him more.

In the interest of public safety, the Dealer has drawn up a list of Midwave radio shows which have experienced this phenomenon. The Dealer strongly recommends members of the public refrain from listening to these programs – not that you were ever going to anyway:

Affected programs

Big Shirt Small Pants, Small Pants Big Shirt

Children of Lawyers

Pinochio’s Penis

Cigarettes After SOSC

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