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How Tall Was Jesus Christ? We Asked Every Academic Department

UChicago likes to brag about its interdisciplinary research programs, which usually turn out to be something like “one econ professor wrote a novel once.” In that spirit, we directed the resources of every academic department at UChicago towards a single noble purpose: figuring out how tall a guy who has been dead for two thousand years was.


We don’t know for sure if Jesus Christ existed as a historical figure, but we’re pretty sure he would’ve been a short king if he did. People were tiny back then.

Cinema and Media Studies

Eh, doesn’t matter, you can fix anything with the right camera angle. Or I guess, back in the day, the right painting angle. 


Plato once told me Jesus was a pretty tall guy, and the first rule of philosophy is Plato’s usually right.

Near East Studies

Oh, he was 5’7”. We actually have his body somewhere in the Oriental Institute storage closets, you wanna take a look? We stole it from the Romans a while back.

Data Science

We built a really big neural network to predict people’s heights based on their faces, trained it on images of humans, and it told us that Jesus was either 3’2” or a golden retriever. Problem solved, that’ll be $10,000.


Nabokov was six feet tall, so probably somewhere around that. 


If only we had access to Jesus’ bones. Pretty sure they’d make bank on the black market. Like seven, eight million last time I checked. I mean, that’s a guess. What was the question?


I can tell you for sure if you want. I think we have his DNA somewhere back here. All I’ll need is millions of dollars and for someone to invent cloning.

Computer Science



Oh, easily ten, twenty feet. It’d have to be a lot to account for inflation back then.

Political Science

Popular figures are known to be taller than average, so Jesus was probably wearing height-boosting insoles but forgot to on a particular day, which — come to think of it — is probably why his followers eventually turned on him.


Well, how tall do you think Jesus was? Wait, can we give you some LSD and then have you tell us? There’s $20 in it for you!


Unfortunately, we haven’t yet reconstructed the word for “height” in the Judeo-Palestinian dialect of Aramaic spoken during the Second Temple Period, so we don’t know.


Approximately 324,675,000 atoms stacked on top of one another.

Religious Studies

Probably somewhere around 5’2”, 5’3”.

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