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A Look at the Class of 2023

First years, welcome to UChicago! We can’t wait to have you and hope that the next four to six years of your life will be as enlightening and exciting as ours have been. Before you get ahead of ourselves, we wanted to take a moment to recognize how far you guys have come since your acceptance. To that end, we’re going to where it all started: awkward Facebook intros. Luckily, one of you was kind enough to volunteer your intro to us, so read on and get to know one of your fellow classmates! 

“Hey guys what up, my name is Sauron and I’m so excited to be joining the class of 2023! A little bit about myself, I’m from Mordor, just outside the Bay Area, but my family is originally from Canada. I’m not 100% on what I what I want to major in quite yet, my interests are kind of all over the place, but I’m leaning towards econ with a minor in philosophy, or pub pol with a minor in philosophy, so who knows! It could really go either way, which is why I’m super excited to be taking the core (i’m taking power for sosc w Professor Arzuaga so if any of you are in that class lmk). 

Anyways, outside of academics I’m into a couple different things. I breed orcs, am consumed with hate and wrath, and I’m a HUGE fan of The Office (U.S > UK but both are good tbh)! Outside of The Office I also LOVE Parks and Rec, Seinfeld, Osama Bin Laden’s cave videos, and that Ted Bundy show. Outside of my volunteer work, I’m also looking forward to getting involved in a couple clubs on campus, namely: MUN, Debate, Student Government, Philosophy Club, College Democrats, College Republicans, The Maroon, The Blue Chips, Students for Palestine, and Students for Israel for sure—and hopefully a couple more if I have the time, we’ll see. My real passion is whatever ensures my domination of Middle Earth the fastest, so I’m interested in any RSO that can help me do that.

I speak a few different languages, Spanish, and the Black Speech of Mordor mostly, but I’d love to work on my Spanish and I’m hoping to go abroad to Barcelona at some point to learn more. ¡Si alguien quiere practicar conmigo, avisenme! Or if you’d rather practice the Dark Tongue, Ashdautas Vrasubatlat!

In terms of music im into basically everything but country tbh, some faves include Chance, Radiohead, J.Cole, and the screams of innocents lmao. But like I said im pretty open to most genres so feel free to dm w some recommendations!

Sorry if this was too long lol! Message me if you’d be down to be roomates (psa: im a little messy, and also I live in a volcano) or just wanna chill. Can’t wait to meet you all in OWeek! Ya’ll are amazing and lowkey intimidating haha.” 

Wow, what a cool dude. Good luck to the class of 2023!

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