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Pope Francis Considering a 2024 Bid for Dalai Lama

In a shocking turn of events, Pope Francis is believed to be considering a 2024 bid to be the Dalai Lama, unseating 71-year incumbent Tenzin Gyatso. There is a feeling in the Vatican that Pope Francis feels he has done all he can at his current level, and is looking to effect change at a higher level. A Vatican insider elaborated: “His holiness Pope Francis is tired of the routines in the Papacy, and feels the scope of his powers is too limited. Honestly, he’s tired of dealing with all of the minute Priest stuff. Being the Pope is a lot more giving out the eucharist and wearing a little hat and a lot less having superpowers than he thought.” While it is not customary for a Pope to relinquish his position, Pope Francis was never a customary Pope, being the first to support gay rights, and therefore becoming the first Pope to be able to backtrack on that stance. When asked about what goals he would have in the new position, Francis responded that he hopes to learn from Tibetans as much as they learn from him. When asked what he hopes they can learn from him, he simply responded “Catholicism.” It remains to be seen exactly how much Pope Francis can offer Tibetans, but the feeling in St. Peter’s Basilica is that an outsider may be just what Tibetan Buddhism needs.

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