Op-Ed: Does Anyone Have Any Tips or Tricks?

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone had a tip or trick I could use. Could be both (a tip and trick), but certainly not neither. I read the other day that you can use shaving foam to clean up spaghetti stains, that was a neat one. Maybe one of you knows how to use a quarter as a lighter or how to use a blade of grass to open a bottle?

I am also open to suggestions. Any kind will do. Do you have a pot roast recipe that will blow my mind? Maybe you saw this cool video that explains how map projection works. Someone showed me a Ted Talk of why parking lots are bad, some pretty compelling points there. Do you know how to write checks or buy groceries? I guess that falls under the category of what one would call “advice” so I must consider whether or not I am taking advice.

I have decided that I will be taking advice: how do you guys do it all while looking great? What’s the best way to make coffee? Am I supposed to like coffee? You know that feeling when you’re driving really fast and it feels like you’re flying? How do I do that but I’m standing still? What’s the best way to get to La Guardia?

A few general questions too: where are puppets made? Does my living room rug really tie the room together or did my girlfriend just say that? How much butter is too much? I accidentally bought plant butter, is it for plants or from plants? Please feel free to write me back.

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