COVID Special Issue

344 Days of Isolation: The Dealer’s COVID Retrospective

Today, the Chicago Shady Dealer is proud to be the very first UChicago publication to release a coronavirus retrospective issue. As the campus paper of record, we take our duty to record history seriously, so we’ve compiled a collection of stories that tell the story of 2020 as we experienced it: the grueling isolation, the community in remote, the brief moments of jubilation and long stretches of despair.

We’ve heard that our friends at the Chicago Maroon are working on their own version of an issue chronicling what has been a very dark year for the university. We’d like to stress, though, that all of the content in our retrospective is one hundred percent original, and any resemblance — however striking — to upcoming Maroon articles is merely a coincidence. Moreover, any attempts to imitate our original reporting will be met with extensive litigation.

The articles comprising this issue will be released over the next few hours, under the ‘COVID special issue’ tag. To our loyal readers, we hope you appreciate our coverage.

To the Maroon? Start taking notes — but not too closely.