6 Cute Dogs Who Can’t Understand Why the Election is Important

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a human, cursed with the ability to comprehend phrases like “electoral college” or “voter suppression.” Here are six cute dogs who, unlike you, don’t have to pay attention to politics during its most stressful month in recent memory.

Alison can’t really tell the difference between Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s platforms. Or any two sentences, for that matter.

Fluffball doesn’t know all that much about Ukraine, China or Russia, and frankly doesn’t really care either.

Cookie will be able to sleep on Tuesday night no matter what happens.

Gina has never visited FiveThirtyEight.com in her life, so she’s not entirely sure why you check it seven times every hour.

Luna and her sister Ginger don’t really understand why you pay so much attention to the news, but they care about you and hope everything turns out okay and that the people inside the TV say things that make you happy.

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