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This is the Loneliest I’ve Ever Felt

By A Particle, Ten Nanoseconds after the Big Bang
Feb. 1, 2015

Breakups are hard. One moment you’re sitting comfortably in a singularity with the particles you love. And the next you’re cast into the void, farther away from anyone else than you’ve ever been.

It’s been ten nanoseconds since our breakup and it already feels like an eternity. Will the density of my partners and me ever be infinite again? Will I ever have that feeling of being part of something bigger, of occupying the single point that represents the entirety of everything? Maybe someday I’ll be happy again. But I sure don’t feel like it now.

Everyone else is happy, celebrating the origin of the universe. They never cared about our special relationship the first place. They were probably itching to get out of there the entire time, to disperse, to be free of our oneness. Maybe after a millisecond or two they’ll realize how wrong they were.