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Study Finds Writing Workshop Feedback from Kyle “Unhelpful”

A study conducted in Beginner’s Poetry Workshop has ultimately declared feedback from Kyle, a student in the Monday/Wednesday section, to be ineffective at improving the quality of the work of a fellow student, Phoebe Brinston. 

“The only annotations he made were the word ‘LAME’ in giant letters and doodles of what I think was Chance the Rapper eating a sandwich in the margins. The poem was about the death of my grandmother,” said Brinston.

Alongside his written annotations, Phoebe claimed Kyle often interrupts discussions to provide more generalized feedback. “He claimed that Ernest Hemmingway always said ‘to write drunk, edit sober – which makes sense. I saw him typing a Canvas discussion post during the Alpha Delt party.” 

When asked for comment, Kyle stated, “The written word is a difficult skill to master. I do my best to provide honest feedback that will help my peers ascend to their best poetic self. That said, sometimes my comments might appear overly harsh if I personally felt that the poem sucked dick, balls, ass, and cock.”


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