Campus Life

RH’s Dog Overwhelmed From the Weight of Every Student’s Mental Well-Being

Lulu, a 45-lb Australian Shepherd mix, is reportedly “exhausted and overwhelmed” after her house’s weekly study break. During the break, students allegedly ignored the RHs’ artfully displayed Takis selection in favor of following Lulu around the apartment, frantically squeaking tennis balls, and begging for her attention.

“It’s just too much of an emotional burden,” Lulu told the Dealer, “This one guy literally started sobbing when I let him rub my tummy. I may be cute, but that’s just not normal. I mean, this guy was crying into my chest. I thought getting spayed meant that I would never know what it’s like to be a mother, yet here I am.”

Lulu was last seen ducking behind a large tree on the quad while a crowd of midterms-rabid students raced past, calling her name and waving Chuckit frisbees.