Campus Life

Wow! First year Also From New York

HOUSE LOUNGE, BOYER – A mandatory set of icebreakers led to an exciting discovery among Boyer House Residents: they all went to high school together. After a required training on alcohol poisoning, students were excited to start college by discussing the best and worst AB calculus teachers at their private high school in New York City.  Resident Head Dean Giommatti noted the convenience of this revelation. “Making friends in college can be hard, and so it’s a lot easier when you all went to high school together.”

Despite being in the Midwest, UChicago has always prided itself on being a bicoastal institution. “Our geographic diversity speaks for itself. Over 60% of our student body comes from New York City or the Bay Area—neither of which are in Illinois,” explained Admissions Officer Lisa Reed. “A fact we love to tell prospective students is that 1-in-3 students actually went to your high school. That is, assuming you go to Harvard Westlake, Horace Mann, or a boarding school that only accepts Kennedys.”