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New Report Casts Doubt on George Santos’ Claim to Danish Throne

A new investigation by the Shady Dealer has revealed that Congressman George Santos’ claim to the Danish throne may be entirely fabricated.

Santos (R-NY) claimed to be the rightful King of Denmark during his campaign last year. “My great-grandfather was the true first-born son of Christian X,” Santos claimed in August. “In 1947, the villain Frederick IX usurped my birthright to become the pretender king of Denmark. As your congressman, I will marshall my forces to remove Margrethe II from the throne upon which she now falsely sits like a swollen tick biting at the neck of the great Danish swan.”

But documents reviewed by the Dealer indicate that story may not be wholly accurate. The Danish National Archives said in an email that it was “pretty sure we would know if Queen Alexandrine had a whole ass son in 1898.”  Santos has provided a diary entry from his paternal grandfather, Seamus Vasilopoulos, as evidence for his claims (in the document, Vasilopoulos describes the Nazi invasion of the country as a “real downer” in 1940.)

Santos is not the only politician to have waded into monarchical disputes in recent years. In 2009, then-governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich was impeached and removed from office for falsely claiming under oath that he was the rightful king of Cambodia.

Looks good to us!