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North Resident With “Eyesore” View of Max P Self-Proclaimed “Most Oppressed on Campus”

The UChicago community was sent into an uproar this week after #justiceforNorth began trending on Twitter. It all started after user @dean_boyardee tweeted that having to look at the roof Max P was “a violation of [their] human rights under the Geneva Conventions.” Another user replied: “max p? more like maximum piss!! 🤬”

When reached for comment, user @dean_boyardee identified themself as a resident of Strongin House, 14th floor. “When I look out of the kitchen window in my 3,000 square foot apartment, I legitimately convulse if I can see a single blue tile. And when I’m trying to play video games in the 15th floor penthouse study room don’t get me started.” 

However, it’s not all bad for North: another resident, Jenny Wasserman, said that Max P acts as a humbling reminder of working class America; “It’s nice to have that kind of touchstone right in your backyard. Really reminds you of how lucky you are. It could easily be you in that rat-infested LEGO block.”

With such animosity between the dorms, some are worried about the upcoming closure of Bartlett Dining Commons and subsequent reallocation of Max P residents to Baker. 

North’s Office of Campus Unity provided this statement on the upcoming closing: “The Baker-Bartlett Unification Project aligns with North’s goals of inclusive and equitable access to campus resources, as well as providing our residents with a unique opportunity to see how others from less privileged backgrounds (ie: not having elevators) live.”