Chicago Shady Dealer

New Year’s Editorial

Covid is no laughing matter, which is why we haven’t been funny this past year. In every article, pitch, or tweet we wrote, we intentionally strove to remove all traces of humor — and we succeeded, beyond all expectations.

We especially applaud the efforts of our masthead and writing staff’s 20-something members. Journalists and comedians are fiercely independently-minded, so we had no illusions they would follow our new editorial directive. But clearly, they all did, valiantly so.

We are incredibly proud that none of their submissions, not even a single headline pitched at our weekly meetings, tried to undermine this institutional mission. More importantly, we are proud they all had the sensitivity to recognize the gravity of the situation posed by the epidemic, afflicting us all, and the grace to respect that through all of their work, without exception.

As the present outbreak worsens with the new spread of Omicron, we are doubling down on this editorial policy. This is not a time to be funny, so we won’t be. We thank our readers for supporting us, and we thank other community organizations such as Off-Off Campus and Life of the Mic for putting a hold on humor alongside us in these unprecedented times.