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University Reaffirms Stance on Campus Regulations

Following recent University correspondence with the undergraduate community at the University of Chicago regarding campus policies on legalized marijuana in the state of Illinois, University Administration has doubled down by publishing a list of laws that are still to be enforced on campus. In an email addressed to the undergraduate student body, Dean of Students Michele Rasmussen writes:

“Put simply, as an institution we are above the law and choose what remains legal and illegal. Effective February 1, all dancing will be prohibited. Moreover, minorities are not to stand on street corners in numbers greater than three, and no women are to be outdoors past 8 PM. The University is subject to federal laws that classify dancing, minorities, and women as illicit. We have no choice but to enforce these laws, despite their antiquation. While other institutions have followed the laws of their respective states, we instead choose to maintain our commitment to not taking a stance, unless that stance would inconvenience the student body or disobey federal law, in which case a stance is firmly taken. I wish you a successful and productive quarter.”

Michele. A Rasmussen