Chicago Shady Dealer

Goose Makes Classic “Goose” Face

By Chris Deakin
Oct. 24, 2014

This morning, around 10 a.m., local accountant Irene Berger observed local goose Patrick the Goose make a particularly “goose” face.

Berger recounted to The Dealer that she had just left work for a smoke break when the flock touched down in the park next to the pond. It was as Patrick the Goose transitioned from flyer to pedestrian that Irene saw a glimmer of what she calls “choice goose.”

“I love nature,” said Irene from a park bench, as she dislodged another chunk of bread heel to throw at birds. “Sometimes nature does itself better than usual. I just saw, what’s its name, Patrick? And I thought, ‘that’s a real goose’s goose!’”

“It’s something I started doing at the pond, just to lighten things up,” said Patrick the Goose, speaking to The Dealer on a break from his job frightening local toddlers. “I didn’t expect to discover such rich goose territory. I was only being Pat the Goose.”