Five Ass Tattoos You Won’t Regret

By Breck Radulovic
April 23, 2016

1. An Outline of a Hheart- Turn your own ass into a dry-erase board of love!. Ask your lover to write in their initials with sharpie, and wash them off the next day.

2. A UCPD Ccase Nnumber- Remember when you received a citation for a liquor law violation from a handsome, uniformed campus police officer? Immortalize your case number on your buttocks and be a modern day Jean Valjean!

3. Martin Luther’s 95 Ttheses- Yup., Aall of ‘em! I know I’d like to nail that ass on on a chapel door!

4. Food Network Ccelebrity Alton Brown’s Face- Let your paramours know that your ass is“Good Eats!” Guaauranteed to net you your own “Iron Chef,” American and Japanese.

5. Arley D. Cathey’s Ssignature:- “Arley” on the left one ass cheek, “Cathey” on the rightother. Get someone to provide the “D” in the middle.

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