Chicago Shady Dealer

Bernie Sanders Now 90% Meme

By Adam Lowinger
Feb. 18, 2016

In light of Senator Bernie Sanders’ recent success among the younger voters demographics, High-upsenior members of the Sanders cCampaign staff have begun to notices changes in thethe sSenator‘s demeanor and appearance, , changes thatwhich suggesting the presidential candidate is becominghas become more mMeme than hHuman.

“We began to notice in the early stages of the campaign that [Senator Sanders] seemed to become more powerful as he was shared more and more on social media,” explained James Tyler, head of Sanders’ media outreach division, “but now he seems to only exist as a living amalgamation of a collection repeated and outdated jokes.””.

With the development of athe recent, highly volatile meme in which Sanders and Clinton respond to the same question with different answers, of which Sanders is typically the “correct” one, Sanders’ opinions haveare become corporeal tentacles, which nowthose decreed by the anonymous hordes of suchspread across the wastelands ofas Tumblr and Reddit and worm their way into the brains of adherents..

When asked about his new memetic status, the sSenator told the Dealer that he does not mind as long as the humor he can spread as a meme can be “distributed equally amongst all Americans.” He further went on the clarify that “[he] personally [[doesn’t] understand all these memes and social media things, but they seem to be helping [me] in the polls”.

The sSsenator was then carried to a higher planein of reality by a choir of rare pepes that had attained physical form, whilewhile “Never Ggonna Ggive Yyou Uup” played in the background.

After learning of the sSenator’s apotheosis, President Barack Obama commented, “not bBad!”