Senator Asks TikTok CEO How to Do Renegade Dance

WASHINGTON — Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) stood up in front of the Senate on Monday during the Senate’s TikTok hearings and attempted to create a viral moment through the timeless renegade dance. Grilling TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew for pointers on his dancing, he asked: “Am I following through on all of his hand movements? Are my fingers sharp enough?” 

Lee’s salient line of questioning prompted others to join in, asking for specific instructions on how to impress their children and younger constituents by correctly performing the Renegade dance. “How should I move my elbows? Like this?” inquired Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas). In response to Chew’s protestations that he did not know how to do the dance, Cruz reprimanded him for “evading the question”. The hearing then adjourned for a three hour recess, in order to give the Senate time to depone Addison Rae as a witness. 

Inspired by Lee’s boldness to ask about an area of his expertise, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew returned the favor and reportedly made time after the hearing to ask Lee for his tips on environmentally devastating the Great Salt Lake.