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Harry Styles Showcases New Gender-Defying Steelhead Trout Dress

GRAMMYS – The best and brightest of the music industry stepped out on the Grammys red carpet to showcase their extravagant outfits. Harry Styles, who took home the trophy for Album of the Year and Pop Vocal Album of the Year, stunned guests and fans alike when he stepped out in an ensemble inspired by the steelhead trout, a fish more colloquially known as the “rainbow trout.” 

“You know, people like me don’t usually get to wear raw fish skins in LA. The amount of pollution here means that any local fish is dull and gray, or has like three heads or something. Luckily, I was able to fly to Japan and work with some really talented, local fishermen who are preserving proper fishing”. An anonymous Grammy attendee stated that Styles’ attire was “kinda cool, I guess.” Another said “I think it was supposed to be an environmental statement or something, but I think he just wanted an excuse to wear fish guts. Also, he smelled really bad. Like really, really bad.”