Campus Life

Frat Party Crème Brulée Surprisingly Good

ALPHA DELT —  Attendees at the Wednesday night rager hosted by fraternity Alpha Delta Phi appear to universally agree that the chapter’s crème brulée recipe was to die for. “The party was kind of disappointing,” said first-year Shel Terdkid, “but the smoky notes in the caramelized sugar will stick with me forever. ”

The Dealer decided to stake out their house to get a better understanding of their demographic, and what we saw was shocking. Both women and men were observed paying for admittance, where they would lounge about inside the room eating crème brulée, or leave with takeout boxes. The frat seems to be much more of a business than a debaucherous den.

The president of Alpha Delt, wearing a chef hat, commented on their rebrand. “Everybody used to know us as the frat with that deadly stairwell. Actually that’s a different frat. But now we’re known as the delicious frat, and we’re seeing record turnouts.”