Mayoral Candidates Spend $4 Million on Crucial Max P Ad Blitz

MAX PALEVSKY RESIDENTIAL COMMONS — In their latest move to aggressively court the university vote, multiple Chicago mayoral candidates announced new spending for advertising in Max Palevsky Residential Commons on Wednesday, totaling $4 million in ad buys. The campaigns are said to be viewing the newly lucrative wall space as important ways to “engage with the youth vote” in order to “secure the under-14 vote for 2027.” 

In particular, incumbent mayor Lori Lightfoot’s campaign has invested heavily into the dormitory, blanketing its walls with posters. When asked why they expected 14 year olds to be in a college dorm, Lightfoot’s spokesperson replied that she was “pretty sure the ads will pay off in a few years when we replace all Chicago public school teachers with beat cops.”

Max Palevsky residents reportedly have not noticed the garish and colorful portraits which, according to one Graham House resident, “actually blend in really well with our haunted circus color scheme.”