Literary Happenings

MLA Edition 10 – 2022 Update

Proclamation! Hark! A new report! 

For we, the MLA, have changed cohorts

Stale prose, no more; now poetry, galore 

And lines with double spaces we ignore


Times New Roman, moving on 

Annihilate that clichéd font

Point 12 text size — such a bore

All of this — toss out the door


Headings too, we shall keep them alike: 

However, lazily we do describe

So look above with fascinated eyes

To perfect headings that are much more wise


To clarify: th’ emoji’s no mistake 

Instead, it showcases the students’ ache

Unrestricted honesty we want

The graders, we swear, will be nonchalant 


That concludes our minor edits

To all of this, do we claim credit

Edition 10 will be a blast

Let’s just see how long it lasts

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Andrea Zhou — a self-proclaimed hot chocolate fanatic — is one of our beloved staff writers as well as a deputy copy editor. She has written and edited a number of articles for The Shady Dealer, and aspires to finish college with over a hundred articles under her name.