Campus Life

Mansueto Finally Hatches

Yesterday, cheers rang from a crowd of onlookers as they watched the Joe and Rika Mansueto Family Library hatch. 

Ever since past president Robert J. Zimmer built the library with his bare hands in 2008, students have been excitedly waiting for its inevitable evolution. “When the giant clawed foot came up from the ground, I actually squealed! It was so cute!” said second-year Laudna Hamper. 

“It was awesome, yeah,” agreed her friend Thumas Thurn, “My favorite part was when it screeched, even though my clothes are green now.” 

Some students even got emotional, like fourth-year Winona Barrel. “When I watched it waddle away, its long mane flowing in the breeze, I just stood there in awe. I kind of didn’t know what to do; everyone else was singing the Hymn of The Caliginous Seraph, like usual, but I was just looking at it thinking ‘how beautiful.’ It’s the gift of life, you know?” 

Already, some students are petitioning for “Babysueto” (as they’re calling it) to become the school’s new mascot. Administrators argue that Babysueto’s limbs are too complicated to fit on the academic crest, but this did not discourage them. “Just make the logo bigger,” said Laudna. 

Second year John Yohn was in the Mansueto library when Babysueto birthed itself. “Yeah, a big baby showed up or something.” he recalled. “It was alright. I was studying though, so I just ignored it.”