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Tired of Seeing His Ads, Mark Zuckerberg Blocks Bloomberg from Facebook Feed

Mark Zuckerberg is just like us! After years of speculation, we finally have substantive proof that he is not a robot sent from Mars to kill us all. He is, in fact, human: he too is completely fed up with seeing Michael Bloomberg all over his Facebook feed. Unlike the hilarious memability that is Bernie’s ads or the tangible desperateness in Elizabeth Warren’s ads, Bloomberg has tight, well formatted advertisements which makes them annoying and no fun. Like a Progressive commercial without Flo or a Pepsi commercial without Cardi B, Bloomberg ads are just not enjoyable to watch. I know that I for one have seen them too many times, and I hate them. Turns out, so does the Zuckerberg!

 Last night, he pulled the plug and officially blocked Bloomberg from his Facebook page by publicly stating on Twitter, “I have officially blocked Bloomberg Campaign ads from my Facebook feed.”  This made me wonder, “can I block ads from my Facebook page by saying so on Twitter, or is it a special billionaire power?” Well, I tried it: I posted “I have officially blocked Fungi Cure from my Facebook feed,” and I am happy to report that it sort of worked! I no longer have a ton of ads for foot creme, but now I only get ads for mushrooms — from portobello, to shitake, to the magic kind.