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Cobb Cafe Art Installation to Close

By David North
April 20, 2018

Cobb Cafe Art Installation

The experimental student art installation “Cobb Cafe,” located in the basement of the historic Cobb Lecture Hall (5811 S. Ellis), will close this week.

The visionary art installation centered around pushing the boundaries of interactive performance art. “It allowed the subject to simultaneously experience and become part of the object,” commented third year Art History student Alexis Hursthouse. “It was a pretty immersive and remarkable experience that, while unsettling, really recontextualized the experiences of caffeine consumption and nourishment.”

The gallery attendants, sometimes called “baristas,” were told to make the installation “deconstructed.” Drawing inspiration from Deleuze and Guattari, the artists created a complete, well-curated experience. Students and faculty alike have often come to the gallery to observe and appreciate the space’s formal and affective qualities. Additionally, the exhibit included a beloved sound component that did not technically qualify as music, but certainly created an ambience of puzzlement and je ne sais quoi.  

“I’m sad to see it go,” commented second year student Carlos Washington. “I’ll never forget the greasy film that covered the walls, the wilting plants, the aluminum foil hanging from the ceiling, or the Minion erotica VCRs they’d play on Monday mornings. That’s what art is all about.”

The art installation closes on Friday. Plans to replace “Cobb Cafe” have yet to be announced.