Campus Life

With New ‘Feudal Peasant Deal’, Mac Properties Begins Renting Barren Fields to UChicago Students

What a bargain! Mac Properties has recently announced its new Feudal Peasant Deal, allowing UChicago students to live out their dreams of being medieval farmers legally tethered to a patch of barren land. Under the deal, students will each be assigned fallow plots of soil around the Hyde Park area, which they’ll be required to cultivate in lieu of rent.

“I’ll admit I was initially a little skeptical when I saw on the lease that my rent was due in the form of 20 bushels of wheat,” said Ryan Cambris, a UChicago third year and early adopter of the deal, “But, actually, I’m really satisfied with my living situation. My radiator and pipes never break – mostly because I don’t have a radiator or pipes.” 

The deal also involves a payment of a tenth of the proceeds of the land to whatever happens to be the nearest church, thus reviving the medieval practice of the tithe. As Mac agent Daniel Potato explained, “We at Mac Properties believe in returning to our roots of strict class boundaries, low social mobility and helping people get tied to the land – literally, in our case. We’re hearing our tenants tell us they’re interested in having more access to nature and less likelihood of their washing machine catching on fire, and, as you can see, we’re listening.”