Historical Issue

Op-Ed: What if We Hide in the Trees Instead of Marching in a Huge Formation?

I had this thought when we were marching in the clearing right below that high ground. We’re the ones defending our territory, so we know the place and everything. What if we hid everywhere and waited for them to come to us? We wouldn’t be able to belt marching songs audible from miles away, but maybe instead of using the front two lines as human shields we could use our muskets to shoot them while hidden.

I know our sergeant major told us to stay in the lines, because “that’s the way it’s done.” But think about it. We could be dropping down on people from behind like monkeys. Gorillas, perhaps. Gorillas do that. We could even dig a huge tunnel network. I would rather be down in the ground sneaking up on people than marching with my shoulders touching you guys next to me.