Historical Issue

Cavepeople Enjoying Game of Rock, Rock, Stone

FRANCE —  Two toddlers discovered a new cave on the edges of town, followed closely by a very concerned babysitter who had accidentally lost them in the park. Upon entering the cave, the babysitter saw “weird crayon inscriptions on the walls” and called the police. 

Local authorities inspected the cave thoroughly, and contacted several famous detectives to investigate the mysterious etchings; “They’re all just… colored-in circles,” one detective said. “Some larger than others. We’ve never seen anything like this in history.” 

Another detective speculated, “Honestly, I think that the cavemen were playing a newfangled game of rock, rock, stone. It would be a vast improvement over the classic children’s game of rock, rock, rock.” He added after a moment of thought. “But they probably clubbed each other on the head to see who’d win – that’s why the drawings look like they were done by two year olds.”