Historical Issue

Top 20 Men In Your Village Who Aren’t Your Brother

  1. Your father
  2. Your cousin
  3. Your older brother
  4. Your older brother’s dead twin
  5. Your younger brother
  6. Your late husband’s brother
  7. The farmer who complains about his joints
  8. Your second cousin
  9. Your second cousin’s reflection
  10. Your third cousin
  11. Your late husband
  12. Your father again
  13. The scary one-armed blacksmith
  14. The priest
  15. Hans
  16. The dog
  17. That one guy with the mustache
  18. The lord’s son who shows up in disguise sometimes
  19. The sleazy traveling salesman in an anachronistic suit
  20. The pitchfork your sister dressed up and brought to the Midsummer Festival