Campus Life

How to Support Pedestrians This Pedestrian Safety Week

  1. Educate yourself by reading books on automobile privilege 
  2. Donate to important charities like Used-Car Drivers For Pedestrianism, the Mazda Foundation, and
  3. Talk to your pedestrian friends and empathize with them
  4. Support Pedestrian owned businesses in your community
  5. Rob your nearest thrift store to provide bright clothing for the pedestrians 
  6. Encourage your local representatives to establish routine Car Avoidance Trainings where trainees are dropped on a busy highway and must navigate to safety 
  7. Open source your force field technology for general pedestrian use
  8. Reduce the amount of children born into pedestrianism by offering them free rides in your white van
  9. Support local starving pedestrians by providing them with apple cores out your car window. Make sure to provide them as hard and fast as you can. 
  10. Just to be safe, make sure to look both ways and grab all available flags before crossing the street! We recommend then using these flags to decorate your sad little dorm room.