Campus Life

Point: Hey Guys! Watch Me Do an Ollie on My Skateboard!/ Counterpoint: Uh Oh!

Point: Hey Guys! Watch Me Do an Ollie on My Skateboard!

Guys, guys. Come here. Yeah, Brian! Dude get over here. Watch this — it’s gonna be epic. Hand me my skateboard. And my sunglasses. Yeah. And the backwards baseball cap? What? You forgot? Oh my godddddddd. This is why I don’t hang out with you anymore, dude. Actually, it’s whatever. It’s still gonna be pretty fucking rad. Should I wear the Thrasher shirt or the Billabong one? The Billabong one? You’re right. Josh, grab my phone and text that girl I’ve been talking to. Yeah, Ashley. Tell her to get over here. Tell her it’s the hill by Alex’s house. The one with the sick ass speedbumps. She’s gonna be here cause I’m gonna send the video to Oprah after this. It’s gonna be the coolest thing that’s ever happened. You guys got the tripod set up? And the lighter fluid? Alright. Let’s do this shit! 

Counterpoint: Uh Oh!