Point: Joe Biden Is Ruining America/Counterpoint: Grandpa, Can We Please Just Have a Normal Thanksgiving Dinner for Once?

Point: Joe Biden Is Ruining America

By Theodore Anderson

You wanna know something? I’m tired of all of these socialist ideas taking over America. While the mainstream media lies to the American people, Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are destroying the country. Their disastrous energy policies have left us unable to afford to put gas in our cars. Thanks to Bidenflation, we can’t even spend our hard-earned dollars on what we want. Worst of all, they’re indoctrinating our kids. They’re pushing “critical race theory” in our schools and turning our children into snowflakes into snowflakes. Try to point any of this out and you’re canceled immediately. Well, I won’t stand for this communist takeover of America. 

Counterpoint: Grandpa, Can We Please Just Have a Normal Thanksgiving Dinner for Once?

By Jessica Anderson

Please Grandpa, can you just not? This is supposed to be a time for us to be together as a family. We agreed at the beginning of this trip that we wouldn’t discuss politics at the dinner table. And yet again, you just had to run your mouth. 

This is why we never come here for the holidays. You thought it would be such a great idea for the kids to watch Fox News instead of Dora the Explorer because it was “forcing multiculturalism on the American youth.” Why does everything have to be political for you? Why? 

And again, the question we asked you was, “Could you please share some of those mashed potatoes with us?” I don’t understand how you even managed to turn that into “the Democrats are basically just Stalin.”