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How to Ride a Llama

  1. Find a llama.   Choose a llama that is appropriate for you based on height and weight. Make sure the llama has a reputation for being friendly and cooperative.
  1. Mount your llama.  If this is your first time riding, it’s not a bad idea to use a mounting block.  Approach your horse from the right and hold its head still.  Then, launch your body up and over.
  1. Steady your position.  Straighten yourself and make sure the bulk of your weight is directly over the llama.  You should be comfortable.  Wait for the llama’s vertebrae to settle – once the disc shearing is inaudible, he’s good to go.
  1. Use your reins to steer.  To usher the beast forward, give a light yaw of the reins.  If your llama doesn’t immediately respond, he may need ~ encouragement ~ 
  1. Stop your horse before dismounting.  To signal your llama to stop, squeeze your legs together.  Gradually apply more force until the lungs fully collapse.  Do not dismount until the llama is firmly smushed to the Earth.  Safety first!
  1. Mind your manners.  Treat your lama with respect.  Llamas respond well to rewards and positive feedback.  Don’t forget to thank your llama for the ride.

By: Kevin O’Sullivan