Chicago Shady Dealer

In Protest of Care Not Cops Strike, UCPD to Go on Strike

This week, UChicago students affiliated with Care Not Cops plan to go on strike from classes in order to protest against UChicago’s private police force. In response, the UCPD will be organizing its very own strike this week.

By refusing to do their jobs, UCPD hopes to get CNC to stop demanding that they not do their jobs. “It’s foolproof,” Car Searle State, the current Chief of the UCPD, said in a statement to the Dealer. When asked to elaborate, he refused. When reached for comment, a CNC representative had this to say: “Uh, great? We got what we wanted, but I feel like we ought to hold a counter-strike to protest their counter-strike as a matter of principle, I guess.”

One could see this cycle of striking as an apt metaphor for the cycle of violence that plagues our society. As Gandhi once said: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” In this case, a scab for a scab makes the whole world bleed (and possibly develop severe scar tissue).

In unrelated news, the author of this piece suffered a severe stroke while coming up with this headline.