Frustrated boy next to chalk board.
Campus Life

Op-Ed: I Was Let Down By UChicago’s Frivolous Academic Attitude

Last night, I went to Fiji, took five shots, stumbled onto the dance floor, tied my feet to a length of rope, and bungee-jumped down the side of the building. Suffice to say, I’m Frustrated boy next to chalk board.” width=”300″ height=”200″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-6419″ />incredibly dissatisfied with the lack of academically minded people on campus. Just two days
ago, I heard someone laughing at the Reg, and upon asking I discovered that they were BizCon. I didn’t even know they were allowed indoors.

But really, I came to UChicago for its academic rigor, its coldness, and its complete lack of fun. I am appalled to discover that these college students actually have lives. How dare they. As a triple math, economics, and computer science major, who was forced to go to DU and dance the cotton-eye joe after drinking roughly my professor’s weight in Trulys, I simply feel that we must hold ourselves to a higher academic standard. And, if UChicago cannot reach the rigor that I desire, goddammit I will transfer out. I would love to go to CalTech and stay indoors all day.