Campus Life

Wow! First-Year in SOSC Sure Knows a Lot about Hunter Biden’s Laptop

COBB 302 — A new intellectual thought leader has overpowered section 7 of “Power, Identity, and Resistance”: John Watercrest, a blond man from Maryland, caused an uproar in SOSC when he went on a ten-minute rant about the content on Hunter Biden’s hard drive. The ‘spontaneous’ monologue occurred after Dr. Walton – an assistant instructional learning professional – asked the class if they had any questions about the scheduling for their weekly Canvas discussion posts. 

“I think John just got scared,” remarked first year Louisa Capella. “I don’t think he’s done a discussion post. I am not even sure if he’s on the Canvas page. I am sure he likes to use words like ‘Deep State’ and ‘Benghazi.’”

When asked about his interest in conservative talking points, Watercrest explained, “I learned a lot about Hunter Biden from my Father. He works — well, I’m not sure I can legally say what he does, but let’s just say he knows a guy named ‘Joey B.’ pretty well.” When asked if he had ever written a weekly discussion post, Watercrest immediately ran out of the room.