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Struggling in a Toxic Relationship? Try Being More Toxic

In response to increasing questions about how to navigate a toxic relationship, a new RSO has graced campus with its presence. The Sigma Society, founded by first-year student Eddy Boots, sports the motto “Babe, You’re Being Crazy Right Now”. The Sigma Society is the fastest-growing RSO on campus, with nearly 150 “Siggies” to date. Boots attributes the RSO’s glowing success to its niche, but “necessary” function.

“You’d be surprised how many students struggle to manipulate their partners,” said Boots.

The Sigma Society helps students by offering workshops on gaslighting, giving the cold shoulder, and “e-belittlement,” also known as degrading one’s partner online.

We interviewed one of the RSO’s most active members, Jake Neebus, and asked him why he joined. “I like making my girlfriend cry,” said Neebus. “I like it a lot.”

Neebus and fellow club members have noted the vacuum in the university ecosystem for a toxicity-centered RSO since the dissolution of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity, and praise the university for helping to codify the Sigma Society to fill this lack. 

When asked about their events for this quarter, a Sigma spokesperson described their plans for a speaker event featuring Andrew Tate Zooming in from Romanian jail.